LCCC acull l'esdeveniment "The Power of Apprentice"

LCCC Logotip de Lorain County Community Collegefeu clic aquí per registrar-se a l'esdeveniment "The Power of Apprenticeships" de Lorain County Community College a Mar. 20 des de 8: 30 a XNUMx pm a la Sala de Centre Spitzer de LCCC 12 / 117 a 118 N. Abbe Rd., Elyria, Ohio. Aquí teniu l'agenda. Tots els fabricants són benvinguts! Heu d'assistir si esteu interessat en un programa d'aprenentatge registrat per l'estat que ajudi als ocupadors a obtenir els treballadors fixos i els permet contractar treballadors no qualificats que es convertiran en treballadors altament qualificats. Hi haurà un superàvit industrial de HGR.

8: 30 - 9 am - Esmorzar i Xarxes

9: 00 am - Benvingut

9: 05 - 10 am - Ponent principal

  • Denise Ball of Tooling U-SME,

"Z & Millennials - la vostra futura força laboral"

10: 00 - 10: 15 am - Què indústria ha de dir?

  • Introducció de l'equip d'Aprenents d'Ohio:
    • Erich Hetzel - Proveïdor de serveis d'aprenentatge
    • Georgianna Lowe - Supervisora ​​d'operacions de camp

10: 15 - 10: 30 am - Break; Begudes i aperitius

10: 30 - 11: 30 am - Coneixeu com funciona un programa d'aprenentatge registrat

11: 30 am - 12 del migdia - Q & A

Ajuntament d'Euclid, Premis Anuals, Sopar amb un sabor d'Euclides



Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce at the Irish-American Club, 22770 Lakeshore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio, on Mar. 22 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. for the annual awards evening. Celebrate the businesses and people of the year and sample food from the best chefs in town.

And, if thatXCHARXs not exciting enough, HGR Industrial Surplus has been selected as one of the chamberXCHARXs 2017 award winners! Each winner will receive an award and a commendation from state officials in attendance.

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Taller de negocis bituminisces: accessibilitat per als clients

Logotip de la Cambra de Comerç d'Euclid



Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce at Services for Independent Living at 26250 Euclid Ave., Suite 801, Euclid, Ohio on Mar. 19 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. for an educational discussion. The last U.S. Census indicates that 20 percent of the U.S. population are people with disabilities, whether visible or invisible. By ensuring your business is accessible, you have the opportunity to increase your customer base. They will discuss easy ways to maximize the accessibility of your business and offer suggestions on making your business practices inclusive.

No hi ha cost per assistir. No es requereix membre.

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Els nostres amics d' ens van fer una visita el dissabte.

If you love woodworking but havenXCHARXt joined the Old Woodworking Machines forum, youXCHARXre missing out on great information and amazing camaraderie. A group of friends from OWWMs came from near and far to meet up in person and pay us a visit on Saturday, Mar. 10. Thanks for stopping by, friends, and hope to see you again soon!

OWWM woodworkers visit HGR Industrial Surplus
l to r: Matt, James, Dave, Bill and Joe
OWWM Amy and James visit HGR Industrial Surplus
Amy and James
OWWM James and Matt check out a planer at HGR Industrial Surplus
James and Matt look over a Whitney planer
OWWM Bill and James looking at a welding table at HGR Industrial Surplus
Bill and James hold down a welding table
OWWM Bill, Matt and James viewing Richards at HGR Industrial Surplus
Bill, Matt and James taking in the majesty of the Richards and agog that it still had its fence and miter gauges


Cambra de Comerç Euclides Connexions de cafè: Biblioteca pública Euclides

cafè a Six Shooter Cafe

Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce for coffee, pastry, networking and a tour and to learn more about the many resources available for businesses–searchable databases of businesses, legal forms, grants, and many other tools you may be surprised to learn are available for free.

The event is free of charge and takes place on Mar. 13 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. at 631 E. 222nd St., Euclid, Ohio.

Time for a revolution

clock with change

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Alex Pendleton, Big Ideas for Small Companies powered by the MPI Group)

How’s your Change Initiative going? Are you having fun yet?

I’m guessing you answered, “No!”

Why? Because bringing major change to any organization is a tough assignment. Entrenched people, and ideas and habits favor the status quo, and even when that status quo is no longer working, the response of the organization is typically to just give the problem more time. “This too shall pass,” everyone says. “We’ve been through rough times before, and this is no different. What worked then will work now.”

But sometimes it IS different. Sometimes, the organization has quietly aged in place while the world around it has changed to the point that what worked before will NOT work now. Sometimes, what’s needed is a revolution.

For some time, I’ve been involved with two organizations – a manufacturing company and a non-profit – both of which have faced this dilemma, and it fascinates me how much these very different organizations have in common

The manufacturing company was living in the past. It had a dominant position in a niche market, but that market had been slowly shrinking for decades, to the point that the 70-year-old factory was badly underutilized and the fixed overhead was being carried by a smaller and smaller base of business. The aging workforce was resistant to change (there was a sign in the foreman’s office reading “When pigs fly,” evidence of his disdain for any new ideas), and rejection of modern manufacturing methods made it impossible to find customers for new work. The necessary changes all required various certifications, but that was regarded as nonsense, a waste of time and money. An attitude of “we’ve always done it this way” prevailed. Once, they cleaned up the place for a customer visit, and were proud of the result. “The place looks great,” they told themselves — but it didn’t. It looked RELATIVELY good, better than it had in years, but of course the customer saw it in the context of a wider world, and to him it looked ABSOLUTELY awful.

The non-profit organization was also well-established and had been in the same location for most of its life. Decades before, they had made a major investment in upgrading their facility, but by now it was obsolete, and the city had grown away from it, leaving it isolated. However, entrenched board members had fond memories of past greatness, and they were determined that the drop-off in interest and financial support was only temporary. It wasn’t. Before long, they faced an existential crisis.

The solutions to these two problems were similar. In both cases, new leadership was brought in and changes were basically forced upon the organizations.

In the manufacturing company, the factory was substantially overhauled and modernized, quality certifications were obtained, and new markets opened up. A lot of people left (mostly by retirement – over a few years the average tenure dropped from 35 years to eight!), and those who stayed were given extensive training.

In the non-profit organization, a new leader was brought in. He had an abrasive personality and seemed hell-bent on offending all of the existing supporters, starting with the largest donors. But by the time the crisis arrived, he had succeeded in persuading a majority of the board that major change was necessary. Ultimately, they sold their building, collaborated with a couple of other organizations, raised millions of dollars, and moved to the city’s thriving downtown.

Looking back on these two sagas, it’s striking how different the picture looks than it did when we were living in daily crisis. In both cases, the consuming issues dealt with people — in one case, trying to get established employees to accept change; in the other, trying to temper the new leader’s troubling management style.

In the manufacturing company, the change was generational. A new, young leader had the vision and the skills needed to move the company forward, but members of the executive team – even new hires – struggled to perform. Operations went through five leaders in as many years before finding the right person, and the sales department went through two. Looking back on board meetings in those transitional years, it’s amazing how much effort went into trying to salvage the wrong person in the job and how quickly things improved when the right person finally arrived. There’s an important lesson there about insisting on top quality in people and not settling for anything less. Peter Schutz, a former leader of Porsche, always advised people to hire slowly and fire quickly. That’s good advice, albeit easier said than done. Once you’ve filled a critical position, it’s difficult to believe that backing up and starting over will be easier than trying to fix what you’ve got — but in retrospect it’s usually a good idea.

In the non-profit organization, the resolution was simpler, though no less painful. We ultimately realized that we had gotten from our exasperating leader all that we could — his revolution was already in motion — and all he had left to offer was his difficult personality. It was time to end the constant conflict and move forward. The new executive is an extraordinary leader and has the enthusiastic support of the entire staff and board. There still are problems, of course – non-profit organizations always face challenges — but the replacement of conflict with collaboration has resulted in a great place to do great work, and exciting innovation has ensued.

In both cases, I wonder if the rosy present would have been possible without the turbulent past. Revolution is frequently necessary, and almost always difficult and unpleasant; but I think it’s important to recognize that difficulty and unpleasantness don’t have to be new long-term realities, but can instead be short-term growth phases. So if your situation needs a revolution – and sooner or later it probably will – realize that it’s likely to be difficult and unpleasant, and that it’s possible that the dret team to start a revolution may not be the dret team to finish it. What is certain, though, is that once your revolution has succeeded, you’ll have a vast improvement over the status quo.

At least until the next revolution.

Taller de negocis detallat: riure en la força laboral

Logotip de la Cambra de Comerç d'Euclid


Uniu-vos a la Cambra de comerç d'Euclid als serveis d'assessorament i mediació de Moore a 22639 Euclid Ave, Euclid, Ohio al Mar. 8 des de 8: 30-10 estic per a una discussió educativa. Matthew Selker i el Dr. Dale Hartz presentaran un taller sobre "Riures en la força laboral".

No hi ha cost per assistir. No es requereix membre.

Si us plau, registreu-vos amb Jasmine Poston a 216.404.1900 o

Euclid Works Expo & Job Fair

Euclid Works


Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce at Euclid High School, 711 E. 222nd St., Euclid, Ohio, on Mar. 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as they spend the day helping to develop our future workforce, while also meeting potential candidates available for immediate hire. Give local students a first-hand look at viable career opportunities. Then the doors will open to the public for a job fair.

Línia de temps:

Manufacturer set-up: 9:30-10:15 a.m.

Students EXPO: 10:28 a.m.- 1:17 p.m.

Break: 1:20 p.m. XCHARX 2:20 p.m.

Job Fair: 2:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. (open to the public)


Manufacturer Registration:

$100 per 6-foot table

10% off registration and sponsorship for all Euclid Chamber of Commerce members


  • Presenting Sponsor- Euclid Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold- $750 (table and registration included)
    • Logo on website (with link to website)
    • Logo on advertisement for afternoon Job Fair
    • Social Media recognition (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • City, Schools, Library, and Chamber recognition on websites
  • Silver -$500 (table and registration included)
    • Logo on website (with link to website)
    • Logo on advertisement for afternoon Job Fair
    • Social Media recognition (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Bronze- $250 (table and registration included)
    • Social Media recognition (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • City, Schools, Library, and Chamber recognition on websites


Engaging and hands-on activities or demonstrations to entice the student population.  You are welcomed to bring materials/giveaways for both the student expo and job fair.

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Euclid fabrica components per a reactors nuclears navals

U.S. Navy submarine
(courtesy of the U.S. Navy): A Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine heads out to sea after a brief port visit in Greece.


(An interview with Doug Paulson, general manager, BWX Technologies, Euclid, Ohio)

Tell me about how your business started.

BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) traces its history all the way back to the 1850s when Stephen Wilcox patented the water tube boiler. Almost 100 years later, with the advent of nuclear energy, our expertise in the power generation business put us at the forefront of commercial and government nuclear industries. Operating for many years as the Babcock & Wilcox Company, we spun off our power generation business in 2015 to allow BWXT to focus on government and nuclear operations.

Per què es va prendre la decisió de localitzar a Euclides?

BWXT purchased the Euclid operations from an offshoot of TRW in 2007. TRW’s predecessors have been in the Cleveland area since the early 1900s and here on Euclid Avenue since before World War II.

Com s'utilitzen els productes que fabriquen?

BWXT’s Euclid site manufactures electro-mechanical components for naval nuclear reactors used in submarines and aircraft carriers.

For more than 60 years, the Navy’s submarines and aircraft carriers have safely steamed millions of miles using components manufactured by BWXT Nuclear Operations Group facilities – a track record that is highlighted by our commitment to safety, quality and integrity.

How many employees work in the facility in Euclid, and what kind of skilled labor do you hire?

About 350 employees work at our Euclid facility. Due to the high-consequence nature of our products, most of our employees are considered to be highly skilled. We employ machinists, welders, inspectors, engineers and a variety of professional support staff.

Hi ha maneres que l'empresa participi a la comunitat?

We support the community through sponsorship of Euclid Chamber of Commerce events and contribute to a number of deserving charitable organizations in the community such as the United Way.

Què creieu que és el principal repte que s'enfronta actualment la fabricació?

The retirement of the older generation of trade workers has, in many cases, left manufacturers with more openings than there are qualified and available employees. This is exacerbated by generally low unemployment. We have an advantage in that our factories have industry-leading safety records and that our work is especially meaningful. Our employees take tremendous pride in the fact that our products keep our sailors and our nation safe. These jobs pay well and do not require tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, so attitudes about trades and technical careers are changing quickly. Our schools and community colleges are helping us narrow the gap.

Què és el futur de la fabricació, especialment al nord-est d'Ohio?

We can only speak for ourselves. This is an exciting time to work for BWXT. BWXT’s Nuclear Operations Group, which includes our Euclid and Barberton manufacturing facilities, has reported record revenues each quarter for the last few years. The Nuclear Operations Group had a backlog of nearly $3 billion at the end of September. Our fourth quarter and full-year 2017 results are scheduled to be announced Feb. 28, 2018.

Què t'inspira?

Our products enable our sailors to carry out their mission to keep our nation safe. We keep those customers in the forefront of our minds in everything we do.

Are there interesting facts about you or your business that most people don’t know?

In August 2017, NASA awarded the company an $18.8 million contract to start designing a Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) reactor in support of a possible future manned mission to Mars. With NTP technology’s high-energy density and resulting spacecraft thrust, NASA is projecting up to a 50 percent reduction in interplanetary travel times compared to chemical rockets, significantly increasing the crewXCHARXs safety by reducing exposure to cosmic radiation.

U.S. Navy U.S.S. George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier
(courtesy of the U.S. Navy): The aircraft carrier U.S.S. George H.W. Bush underway from its home port in Norfolk, Va.

Kiddie City Child Care Community acull anualment fons de recaudació de fons

logotip comunitari d'atenció per a nens Child Ciutat Euclid Ohio

HGR loves to support the Euclid community. If you live or work in the community, you might be interested in attending a comedy show and Chinese auction on Apr. 14 at Kiddie City, 280 E. 206th Street, Euclid, Ohio. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. with three local comedians. Snacks, beer, wine, pop and water will be included. It’s only $27 per person or $52 per couple and is tax deductible since it’s a fundraiser for Kiddie City, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in Euclid since 2006. This fundraiser occurs so that Kiddie City can continue to create a lifelong love of learning for children in its teachers’ care.

Jennifer Boger, Kiddie City’s director, says, “We’ve been doing this fundraiser for 11 years now to supplement summer programming for families in order to do enhancement and enrichment activities for the children that parents don’t need to pay for out of pocket since 80% of students are using childcare subsidy for lower-income families.”

Per butlletes, poseu-vos en contacte amb Kiddie City a 216-481-9044.

L'alcalde d'Euclides recapta 2017 i mira cap a 2018

Euclides alcalde Kirsten Holzheimer Gail

El febrer de 22, l'alcalde d'Euclides, Gail, va dirigir els membres de la cambra, les empreses locals i la comunitat durant el dinar al club irlandès-americà. L'alcalde va presentar dues taules d'empleats de la ciutat assistents i després va compartir la seva declaració de compromís per oferir als residents i empreses d'Euclides "els millors serveis d'una manera rendible i innovadora". Va dir que hi ha tres temes que es basen constantment en el seu treball amb la ciutat: inversió, resistència i innovació.

Va parlar principalment de les inversions, incloent el nou centre de compliment de Amazon, altres negocis nous i expansions empresarials i escolars. Ella va esmentar el pla director creat recentment i els seus objectius per als residents, les empreses i la infraestructura: mantenir-se, prosperar, jugar, connectar, participar i preservar. Finalment, l'alcalde va reconèixer la inversió en seguretat dels departaments de policia i bombers. El departament de policia va rebre nombrosos premis de seguretat de prestigi per la seva feina a 2017 i va respondre a les trucades 43,471, mentre que el departament de bombers va respondre a trucades 10,825 i EMS.

L'alcalde va tancar el dinar esperant amb interès la inversió, la resiliència i la innovació a 2018.

Empleats de la ciutat euclides al dinar de cambra de comerç

Bitesize Business Workshop: Financial Workshop for Small Businesses I

Logotip de la Cambra de Comerç d'Euclid


Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce at its offices at 20150 Lakeshore Blvd, Euclid, Ohio on Feb. 27 from 8:30-10 a.m. for an educational discussion. Are you thinking of starting a business? Or have been you in business for several years? If so, this workshop will cover:

  • Finances 101
  • Startup Expenses
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting
  • Separating personal and business expenses
  • Budgets and financial planning
  • Q&A session

No hi ha cost per assistir. No es requereix membre.

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Reduir la factura fiscal per al webinar empresarial

Logotip de la Cambra de Comerç d'Euclid


Uneix-te a la Cambra de Comerç de Euclid en línia el 27 de febrer a 11-11: 30 am EST o 4-4: 30 pm EST quan allotja Bruce Jones, president de l'agència d'assegurances de BA Jones i David Crowley, assessor principal de Gravity Financial , ja que ajuden a les empreses a reduir els seus impostos per 10-30 per cent i augmentar la seva línia de fons.

No hi ha cost per assistir. No es requereix membre.

Us plau, comenceu aquí per a la sessió de 11 i aquí per a la sessió XNUMx pm.

Esmorzar anual de l'estat de la ciutat

Ciutat d'Euclides


Join The Euclid Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 22 at noon at The Irish-American Club, 22770 Lakeshore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio, for lunch as Mayor Gail presents her annual State of the City Address.  Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m.  Lunch will be served at 12 p.m.

Venda d'entrades:

$25 members / $30 guests

Members may purchase a reserved table of 6 for $140

Sponsorship Package $300: Includes reserved table of 6 with premier seating, special mention during announcements, opportunity to hand out promotional materials, and logo on event signage.

Us plau, comenceu aquí.

Taller de negocis detallat: Accessibilitat per a empleadors

Logotip de la Cambra de Comerç d'Euclid


Join the Euclid Chamber of Commerce at Services for Independent Living at 26250 Euclid Avenue, Suite 801, Euclid, Ohio on Feb. 21 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. for an educational discussion that will revolve around building a more diverse and inclusive work culture through the hiring of persons with disabilities. They will address myths regarding hiring people with disabilities as well as what is required in terms of the ADA, potential low cost/no cost accommodations and basic disability etiquette.  Time will be made to troubleshoot specific issues.  No cost to attend.  Membership not required.

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